5 Ways to Keep your Pet Calm During Fireworks

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People love firework shows on the 4th of July. The lights, colors, and shapes are exciting and entertaining. Unfortunately, most pets fear fireworks and will become uncomfortable and uneasy during these displays.

If you are planning on attending a firework show or having one at your party this year, here are 5 ways to keep your pet calm while it is going on.

1) Pick the right spot for your pet.

This first tip applies to both indoor and outdoor scenarios. If you are keeping your pets indoors during the show, find a spot in your house that is quiet and muffles loud noises. Most animals fear the loud noises that the fireworks make so it’s a good idea to provide an environment where the firework show will be drowned out. It’s a good idea to put the radio or TV on, so your pet has something else to focus on. In outdoor scenarios, keep your pet in a place that is not too close to the display. This will ensure they are nowhere near the live or unlit fireworks, and they will be safe from harm.  

2) Visual Environment is everything.

Another frightening aspect of fireworks for your pet is the bright colors and flashing lights. If your pet is indoors during the show, keep them in a place where the windows can be obstructed with blinds or curtains. If you’re outside, try sitting in a shady or covered area, so the lights will not be as bright and scary to your pet.    

3) Controlling the smell is essential.

The smell of fireworks can upset your pet. The sulfuric acid may upset their nasal cavities. Try surrounding your pet with familiar scents such as your favorite cologne, deodorant, or perfume. Use that right before the fireworks begin so your dog smells you, and not the fireworks.  

4) Food and water, and lots of it.

Your pets love to eat! Their favorite time of day is mealtime, so to make sure your pet is happy and healthy during the show, provide food and water to your pet. Similar to humans, eating or drinking can alleviate anxiety in pets. You can also give your pet his favorite treat to keep his spirits up.  

5) Periodic Checks.

As always, monitor your pet before, during, and after the show to make sure he is safe. Pets feel a heightened sense of security when their owners are close by.

The key with all of the above tips is familiarity. The more normal and regular things seem to your pet, the more calm they will remain. Following these 5 tips will ensure that the 4th of July is an enjoyable night for both you and your pet.

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