5 Top Pet Safety Tips for the Summer Heat!

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With summer finally upon us the temperature outside is rising steadily, with no sign of cooling down anytime soon. Keeping in mind how hot we humans are during these hot months, imagine how your pet feels! That said, here are the top 5 Pet Safety Tips for the Summer Heat:

1) Keep your pet relaxed.

It’s a good idea to limit the amount of strenuous physical activity in your pet. This can prevent them from becoming exhausted or experiencing heat stroke. Take your dog for walks or exercise sessions earlier in the morning or during the evenings when the heat is not as intense.

2) Never lock your pet in a hot car.

The inside of an automobile can reach or exceed 100 degrees during hot summer days. Never leave your pet in a hot car outside for any period of time. This is known to cause heat stroke or even death. In many states it is illegal to leave your pet unattended in a car in excessive heat.

3) Always provide lots of fresh water.

It is always important to provide fresh water for your pet at all times, but especially during the summertime. To avoid dehydration, make sure your pet has cool water to drink that is changed regularly.

4) Ensure your pet has shade to retreat to.

If your pet is playing outside, make sure there is a shaded area for them to retreat and relax in. Doghouses are not always the best sources of shade because they can trap the heat inside of them.

5) Watch your pet closely.

As with any activity, it is important to always keep a close eye on your pet and monitor their activity. This is especially important in the summertime, when the risk of heat related complications increase in pets. If you take your dog swimming, never leave them unattended. Swimming may tire your pet out and pose a drowning risk, and if swimming in the ocean it is important to stay close to your pet in case of strong tides.

Following these 5 tips will ensure a happy healthy summertime for both you and your pet. It is important to keep your pets cool to prevent exhaustion and heat stroke.

The symptoms of heatstroke in pets include: excessive or heavy panting and drooling, lethargy, rapid heartbeat, dark red gums (which may also turn purple or blue from decrease of oxygenation), vomiting or diarrhea, and coma.

If you suspect your pet may have heatstroke, remove your pet from the heat as soon as possible. Take them to the vet immediately for treatment to prevent organ damage.

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