5 Secrets to Catch Your Pet in the Act and Make a Funny Video

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Everyone loves cat and dog videos. These fun little clips are responsible for millions of hours in lost productivity! If you’re looking to be the next YouTube star, there’s no better way to accomplish your dream than to capture your canine or feline friend being silly.

The problem is getting decent animal videos isn’t as easy as those popular YouTube personalities make it look. Your pet may be simply adorable when there’s not a camera around, but hit the record button and he or she will suddenly decide it’s time for a nap. But with a little work, you can get hilarious animal videos online. Keep the following five secrets in mind as you shoot that future hit video.

Use Treats

When in doubt, use positive reinforcements with treats! If you can train a dog to sit, speak and fetch with the help of a few tasty morsels, the same can be done for crazy YouTube antics. Every time your pet does something worthy of a funny video, offer up a favorite treat. Once your four-legged friend is accustomed to performance mode, it’ll be a lot easier to land those funny animal videos. The one potential downfall of this tactic? Regular training might destroy that spark that comes with a randomly shot video.

Get Your Pet Comfortable In Front Of The Camera

Your pet is not likely to be camera shy, but they may not know how to behave when you lug the camcorder out of hiding. Some pets are infinitely curious about objects such as video cameras, meaning that, instead of doing the cute things you’d like to capture on film, they’ll be busy sniffing your camcorder. Give your pets plenty of time to get accustomed to it so that it becomes just another object. They’ll get tired of it soon enough and move on to more interesting prospects.

Don’t Punish Your Pets

Whether you’re trying to teach a pet to sit or play dead on camera, punishing Fido for misbehavior will not work. Research from the world’s leading animal behavior experts suggests that pets interpret disciplinary voices and actions in a completely different way than humans would. They might cower or act “sorry,” but this isn’t because they’ve learned a lesson. They’re simply doing whatever it takes to get you into a good mood. Stick with positive reinforcement and you’ll wind up with far better results.

Understand Your Pet’s Personality

Video bloggers are always told to be themselves in front of the camera. The audience can spot a phony right away. The same goes for pets. If your dog is a couch potato, you’ll never be able to create a fast-paced video of him doing flips. Each pet has distinct personality traits. It’s in your best interest to identify these and harness them for your video.

Be Patient

Some of the best pet videos on YouTube only arrived after hours upon hours of filming. Others were much easier to shoot. You don’t know how long it will take to get that perfect video of your dog or cat, but the longer you film, the more likely you are to get the perfect shot. If you want to capture a funny video, there’s plenty of animal observation in your future.

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