5 Great Exercises for Dogs Stuck Inside!

Lack of exercise can contribute to restlessness or boredom in dogs. This can lead to chewing, destroying household items, excessive barking, and other unacceptable behavior. When the weather is bad it can be tough on pups. Dogs enjoy their active outdoor activities, so it is very important to keep them active even when they are confined to the indoors.

We’ve got 5 examples of exercises you can do with your dog the next time Mother Nature prevents them from spending time outdoors!

1) Play Fetch

This is one of the best ways you can exercise your dog, especially if you have stairs! Stand at the top of the stairs and toss the ball down. Your dog will run to the bottom of the stairs to fetch and run back up to give it to you. This will really get Fido’s heart going! Of course, if you don’t have stairs in your home, just the act of fetching and running it back to you will get the job done.

2) Tug of War

You can play this anywhere because it doesn’t require all that much space. There are many different types of objects you can use for this activity such as Frisbees, rope toys, or even a T-shirt! Just remember: the owner always has to “win” the game, or you’ll end up with a pup who thinks she’s YOUR boss.

3) Recall Games (Hide and Seek)

You may need two people for this one. One person holds the dog’s collar, and the other gets her excited while they both run and hide. The first person then will call her and when she comes, offer praise and a treat. Then repeat the process.

 4) “Find It”

This is another activity which requires two people. Have the first person hold on to the dog’s collar. Then have the other person wave the treat in front of the dog’s nose to excite her. That person then hides the treat somewhere it will be easy for the dog to find. Give the command “find it” and let her search! Keep repeating the process, each time making the hiding place a little more difficult. This is great exercise for your dog’s mind as well as her body.

5) Basic Obedience Command Training

What better time to practice basic commands than a rainy day? You can calm and tire your dog with short training sessions. You can easily teach commands indoors such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “go to your place”, and “come”.

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