5 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

With the arrival of fall comes shorter days, longer nights, and unpredictable weather. But, just like us, our dogs need to get their daily exercise. When going outside just isn’t possible, there are fun games you can play and exercise you can do with your dog inside.

Run the stairs (or hallway)

dog stairs

If you’re lucky enough to have stairs at your house, you can practice running up and down the stairs with your dog. Lure them with treats if they aren’t accustomed to going up and down, and of course, be careful not to trip! A long hallway will also work if you don’t have stairs.

Make an obstacle course

Create an obstacle course your dog has to complete using the things in your house you use every day, like your couch, pillows, blankets, the ottoman, whatever you happen to have! Teach them the course using positive reinforcement with treats and praise, and they should have it down pat in a few tries. For more athletic dogs, you could up the anty with jumps or an army crawl under the coffee table; just keep it fun and interesting! This will not only wear out your dog physically, but also mentally.

Play hide and seek

dog hiding

The game you used to play as a kid is just as fun with your dog. Simply make them do a sit/stay, go hide somewhere in the house, call their name once, and let the fun begin! Start easy and then as they get better and better, make it harder. This will tire out your dog physically (if they’re small) but most importantly, mentally as well. Let everyone in the family hide for an extra hard challenge!

Find an indoor playgroup

When it’s too soggy to brave the dog park, indoor play groups can be a lot of fun. Look online for ones in your area; while most are for small dogs, you can sometimes find them for larger dogs. This lets your dog socialize and have fun in a dry, warm, and controlled environment–it’s truly fun for everyone.

Practice training


Sometimes a good training session is just as exhausting as a long romp outside. The mental focus required while training will tire out your dog while also keeping them entertained. Start with the basics they already know and then gradually start teaching them new things. Before you know it, they’ll be rolling over and speaking on cue.


These are just a few ways you can keep your dog entertained on a rainy day (or week). So get creative and get ready to have some good old fashioned indoor fun!

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