5 Cool Fall Activities for You and Your Dog

Summer is coming to a close and fall is right around the corner. With the change in weather comes a new slew of activities you can partake in with your furry companions. It’s time to ditch the beach-like, high temperature fun and time to dive into some well deserved cool breeze antics. Your dog will love the decrease in heat, perk up, and want to do something new and exciting. It’s your duty to show your dog what fall is all about. Here are five fall activities for you and your dog.

1.Pumpkin Picking With the Family


There is nothing that represents fall more than pumpkins. Pumpkins are like the universal sign for autumn. Take your puppy pumpkin picking and show him the joy of finding the perfect pumpkin. Let him find one of his own and carve a cute bone design or his name into the pumpkin. I’m sure he will love that.

2.Puppy Bowl


Invite all of your puppy’s friends over for a puppy play date and have your own version of the Puppy Bowl. Go out and get a small toy football, made for dogs, and referee a game. Afterwards, everyone can watch a football game together on the television.

3.Leaf Pouncing


Rake up those fallen yellow, brown, and orange leaves and create a huge pile. Then, run along with your dog and pounce on the pile of leaves like you had no responsibilities to worry about. The event will take you back to your younger years, when jumping in a pile of leaves was the highlight of your day.

4.Family Camping Trip


Gather the family together and go out into the wild and wonderful world of tall trees and irritating insects. Take your dog camping with you and cuddle up next to a fire while you roast delicious s’mores. Your pup will love hiking through the woods or canoeing on the river.

5. Halloween Costume Shopping


Everyone loves Halloween. Even your dog. Get them involved with choosing costumes and find the perfect group costume for the two of you. You two will turn heads when the 31st comes around.

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