During a Race The Found A Stray Dog And Fed Him. They Never Expected Him To Do THIS.

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A Swedish extreme sports team was sitting down for a break before taking a 20-mile trek through an Ecuadorian rainforest. They cracked open some cans of food and then saw a stray dog nearby. One of the members of the team fed him some food. The Peak Performance racing team then got up to continue their race and the dog, later named Arthur, followed them. Not only did he follow them, but he never stopped!

He wound up following them for the next 430 miles of the adventure racing world championship. No matter what challenge or obstacle they were getting through, Arthur stood by their side. He swam alongside them as they kayaked down rivers and walked up hills during hikes. Six days later, they finally finished the race and took Arthur to a vet to have him checked out. After their long journey together, they knew they couldn’t leave Arthur behind, so one of them adopted him!

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