They Rescued More Than 400 Animals From A Home. The Conditions They Were Living In, HORRIFIC.

In an eight-hour long rescue dubbed “Operation Noah’s Ark,” authorities raided a home in Bellmore, New York, and removed more than 400 animals – birds, turtles, rabbits, chinchillas, sugar gliders, prairie dogs, reptiles, and other mammals.

Authorities went to investigate after receiving numerous complaints about the noise and smell from one of their neighbor’s homes. The smell was so horrible that they had to wear hazmat suits inside. The animals were living in filthy water and had no access to food or water. There was also a free-roaming skunk and turtles in slimy water as well as bird cages filled with feces.

The owner of the home, Gary Gruber, had already had a four-foot alligator removed from the property a year earlier. He has now been cited for having endangered turtles. According to Gruber’s attorney, people bring Gruber animals for rehabilitation, but that Gruber’s own health deteriorated and it got out of hand. He was told to clean up the mess a year prior during the first raid, but clearly hadn’t listened. Now he may face criminal charges. Learn more in the video below:

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