Watch 4-Week-Old Malamute Puppies Attempt To Out Sing One Another

The Malamute is one of the oldest breeds of dog on earth. Their temperament and appearance has not been altered as much through breeding as other types have experienced.

It may be an old breed, but that doesn’t mean they hobble around and take naps. These dogs are always busy, looking for anything that can challenge them mentally. And Malamute puppies, even more so.


Of course, it’s not so hard for a pack of Malamute pups to find time in their schedules for cuteness.

Watch these gorgeous Alaskan malamute pups howl and serenade you in the video below! We just want to hug all of them!

Source: These 4-week-old howling puppies may be the cutest thing ever! by amccormack1975 on Rumble

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