4 Ways To Celebrate Mutt’s Day Wednesday, July 31

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From 12:00 a.m. until 11:30 p.m., all people, everywhere, are invited to celebrate their mutt! Every year July 31st is set aside for Mutt’s Day.

The celebration was designed so that all dogs, not just the full-bred varieties, would be able to realize just how awesome they truly are! It does not take perfect genes or markings to make a good heart that provides the love that all humans require.

Mutts may be considered just that, a mutt, may be funny looking, but they are wonderful! They provide unconditional love and affection to their family members just like any other canine does.

Here are a four ways to celebrate Mutt’s Day on Wednesday, July 31:

1. Spend some quality time with them. Every dog loves a good walk, ball or Frisbee toss, or some undivided snuggle time.

2. Cook him or her a dinner made with fresh meat and veggies. This is sure to please!

3. Share your mutt love on the Mutt’s Day Facebook page.

4. Don’t be shy to announce that your dog is a mutt, Stand tall and give your dog its due!

Have an awesome Mutt’s Day 2013! Congratulations on choosing to love a mutt!

Melissa Stoneburner began writing about dogs two years ago. She is still an author on Examiner.com, Helium and Hubpages and works with Animal Rescue Foundation, Illinois as the Community Outreach Program Manager. Find Melissa on Facebook and Twitter.

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