4 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy This Fall

Fall is on its way. Is your dog’s skin and coat ready after a long, hot summer?

The climate and season changes can take a pretty good toll on your dog’s skin and coat. After all, they are coming and going in and out of the elements several times a day. Many people complain of dry, itchy skin on their pets this time of year, so here are four tips to increase valuable moisture to help your dog’s skin and coat.

Fresh, Cool, Filtered Water – We all know it’s important for our dogs to have access to fresh water all of the time. But offering several sources of fresh water, filtered/flowing water, or cool water sometimes encourages them to drink more. Try pet fountains that filter water, or even turn a small tabletop water fountain into a drinking station for your pup.

Fish Oil – Fish oil is a wonderful supplement that can be given to your dog to help increase his daily intake of essential omega fatty acids. Fish oil can boost skins moisture levels, create a soft and shiny coat, relieve itching, make grooming easier and reduce shedding, among many other benefits.

Flowing or Moving Water – Having fountains or filtered fish tanks around will increase the moisture content in the air and help soothe skin. You could also boil some water on the stove, making sure to keep an eye on it so it doesn’t dry up. Try adding a couple drops of essential oils to create a relaxing environment while also adding moisture into the air.

Cool Mist Vaporizers – Another great way to put more moisture in the air and help everyone’s skin in the house is a cool mist vaporizer. It’s important to go with cool mist as opposed to hot steam for your pet’s safety. Having this additional moisture boost will leave everyone with healthier skin.

Always keep an eye on your dog when introducing new items into his or her environment, especially those that contain water. We hope this gives you some easy ideas to keep your dog’s skin and coat happy this fall season!

Anna Bettina is a certified canine trainer, nutritionist, and holistic practitioner. She believes everyone should have a Happy Healthy Pup and offers daily insights for the well-being of your own dog on her Facebook page.

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