She Was Found With A Damaged Beak. After Getting A Prosthetic One, She Found Her Soulmate

This goose, named Vitoria, was rescued from a horrible fate several months ago when she was found with a severely damaged beak. If it weren’t for rescuers, Vitoria would have died, due to not being able to eat correctly. It’s unknown how her beak got that way, but rescuers believe she was either attacked by a dog or another animal, or beaten.

Now, Vitoria is the world’s first goose with a 3D printed prosthetic beak! Not only has her beak been transformed, but her entire life has. She can now eat again, but since being rescued, she met the love of her life, Vitorio. The two are inseparable and have even recently hatched two little goslings!

At first, Vitoria’s future seemed bleak, but her whole life was transformed, thanks to these kind-hearted people. This story just goes to show that no matter how bad things get, you should never lose hope!

Watch this inspirational story in the video below:

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