30 Dogs And A Goat Take Over The Crowd During An NBA Game

There is nothing quite like going to a live basketball game, but our wings have been clipped due to the coronavirus pandemic. It seems as if they have found a way to still enjoy a larger audience, thanks to some of our furry friends.

32 dogs and a goat were seen courtside during a game between the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs on Thursday. They weren’t alone, they had a human companion along with them as they enjoyed the virtual courtside seats. Michelob ULTRA made it all possible as part of a fan takeover during the pandemic.

“DOGS take over the crowd in Orlando!” the NBA tweeted alongside a video of the canine crowd.

“We have seen some unbelievable things in basketball, but never seen it quite like this,” the announcer said in the clip.

Some of the footage that has been circulating online shows a goat in the audience as well!

In order to move the NBA season forward, they started hosting games, but there was no one in the audience. They did so to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Hundreds of basketball players are involved in those games, as they live in a quarantine “bubble” at the Walt Disney World campus. They have even kept themselves away from loved ones, and according to the NBA, none of the players have tested positive for the coronavirus since August 5.

The Associated Press reports that NBA teams may get a boost when they are able to invite guests to the Walt Disney World campus before the 2nd round of playoffs begins.

Typically, 4 guests will be invited per player. They can choose from family members or a close personal friend or some type of pre-existing personal relationship.

Other guests that may be able to attend include family childcare providers and security members. Those who are not going to be invited include “trainers, physical or massage therapists, personal chefs, hair/apparel stylists, tattoo artists, and current/prospective business partners, and certified agents (other than family members), among others.”

If the individual is a casual friend or they haven’t met them in person, they will not be invited either.

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