He Was Devastated When His Son Died. Now He Lives With 300 Rescue Cats Who Help Keep Him Going

When Chris Arsenault’s son died in a motorcycle accident, he was devastated. He needed to find a way to cope and keep his mind occupied, so he decided to take this time to do a good deed.

He turned his Medford, New York home into an oasis for rescue cats. He named it the Happy Cat Sanctuary, where now more than 300 cats reside. Each cat has their own story; they’re cats that have been victims of hoarding situations, shot at, targeted by gangs for use as bait in dog fighting rings, blind cats, cats with FIV, and cats of abusive and neglectful owners.

Arsenault, known as “The Cat Man,” has been rescuing cats for the past ten years. He says, despite his broken heart, the cats have kept him going. He has built shelters in his yard for the cats and has redone his whole house for the cats’ comfort.

Arsenault spends at least $1,000 a week to feed and care for all of the cats. He relies on donations and help from volunteers. Click here if you’d like to help with some of the expenses to care for the cats.

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