3 Tips For Roadtripping With Pets

This summer my husband and I moved from Wilmington, DE to Nashville, TN. We were very excited to live in Nashville, but we dreaded the actual process of moving. Fourteen hours in a car with two dogs did not sound like fun, but I tried my best to be prepared. Here are three tips I’d like to share with you.

1. Plan to exercise your pet ahead of time, or you will regret it. The day before we moved we took our young energetic puppy to the dog park to romp and play for several hours. We tried our best to tire him out before the long car ride. The morning of the trip we took both dogs on a long walk. Driving with sleepy dogs is way better than driving with energetic ones. If you’ve got very hyper or anxious dogs, you might want to talk to your vet before you go. They should have a recommendation of something to calm your dog in the car.

2.  I packed a special dog bag to have in the car. I packed cleaning supplies for any messes. I also packed some blankets to cover my seats, and a flat bed for them to lay on. I packed some new chew toys. (I bought new specifically so they would be excited about them.) Probably the best two things I packed were retractable leashes and pop up bowls. The retractable leashes were awesome for potty breaks. That way when we stopped I could just let them wander around on the whole 16ft of the leash. You can find simple rubber pop-up bowls at any pet store. They are very convenient for food and water, and then they fold up for storage. It’s also helpful if you bring a bottle of water with you that you can refill at water fountains. It will save you a lot of money on bottled water at rest stops.

3.  Our big dog, Hamilton, loves car rides and slept the entire way, but our puppy, Hudson, required a little more entertainment. If you’ve got a restless pup try cracking a window or letting him sit on your lap. Hudson is endlessly entertained by smelling outside air at a cracked window. What dog isn’t?

Hamilton and Hudson asked that I show you some pictures of how fun road trips can be. Here are some pictures our very cramped adventure. Happy traveling, wherever the road may take you.

Ashley Hay is a certified pet-training instructor and dog groomer with over seven years of professional animal caretaking experience. She lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Dan and two dogs, Hamilton (American Staffordshire Terrier) and Hudson (Pembroke Welsh Corgi).

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