29-Pound Cat Gets Adopted By A Loving Family That Is Determined To Help Her Lose Weight

The ACCT Philly animal shelter has finally helped one chunky 29-pound kitty find her forever home. The feline, named Lasagna, gained viral fame after the shelter put out an appeal for her through social media. The shelter shared they were searching for “someone who can help her lose the #quarantine15 and become a healthy and happy cat.”

Lasagna’s name came from another famous cat, Garfield. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, this particular kitty was found abandoned inside a dog crate that had been dropped at the shelter. Because she’s quite the cute chunkster, the staff at the shelter have noted that she can’t groom herself properly, and she also experiences trouble walking.

Sarah Barnett, ACCT’s director of development and communications, shared with the ABC affiliate WPVI, that the cat has a lot of medical problems that stem from her weight. Barnett added that Lasagna is a very loving kitty, but she definitely needed a family willing to help her lose weight.

The shelter began the search for a forever home for her, and luckily Lasagna didn’t have to wait long. Following her appeal on Facebook, the cat’s picture went viral, gaining thousands of likes. She even managed to snag the attention of the frozen food brand, Stouffer’s, who wished her well on Twitter. They wrote that they hope she finds a home before adding that, “To the family who adopts Lasagna: we will send you a bunch of lasagna!”

Within a day of her post, Lasagna had found her forever home. And the shelter shared the happy news on their Facebook, showing a picture of Lasagna with her new family, the Hammers from New Jersey. The shelter added a thank you to all those who shared the post and helped to spread the word about the cat. Lasagna is now receiving lots of love and a diet in order to help her live her best life.

The shelter is hoping that Lasagna’s story will help to inspire more people to adopt cats since they tend to be less popular than dogs. Barnett said to the Philadelphia Inquirer, “Our hope is everyone who wants Lasagna, or maybe a third of them, will come in and adopt, or know that we’re here when they’re ready.”

Besides wanting to see more of their cats receive a home, the AACT Philly shelter is hoping that the public will send in donations, seeing as their budget was recently cut down by 20%.

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