This Rescue Dog Is 25 Years Old, And Her Human Credits Her Long Life To THIS…

Meet Tara, a 25-year-old rescue dog. Yes, you read that right! Tara is 25 years old, which makes her 175 in human years! She resides in Norco, California with her human, Burt Ward, who played Robin in the original Batman television series.

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Ward and his wife Tracy have rescued more than 14,000 dogs in the past 18+ years through their charitable non-profit Gentle Giants Rescue. They have developed their own special all natural dog food which they credit their dogs’ long, healthy lives to. Feeding all of the dogs cost around $14,000 a month—which covers about 600 pounds of food.

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Tara is just one of 50 dogs that live with them at their home right now, all of which are rescues. Although Tara is 25, she still looks relatively young and acts like a puppy! You can check out their non-profit organization and their homemade dog food on their website.

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Check out Tara and the other pups in the video below:

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