Queen the Cat Celebrates Her 23rd Birthday with Her Favorite Human

As a pet parent, your pet’s birthday is one of the most celebrated days in your life — more so when they reach old age. It’s pretty rare for cats and dogs to reach a healthy old age like Queen Lily. The feline celebrated her 23rd birthday this year. Her human dad, Reece Putinas, expressed his gratitude in a video.

Twenty-three years old for cats is equivalent to a human’s senior years. But if you saw her in Instagram posts, Queen Lily doesn’t look her age. According to her Instagram bio, she has already lived in four decades and was born in 1999. You can only say “Long live Queen Lily” once you read her bio.

Reece is active in sharing adorable photos and videos on Queen’s Instagram account, and the contents are mostly about their strong bond as parent and fur baby. Each Instagram post has already gained thousands of views and likes, and Instagram users who followed or saw the posts about Queen’s birthday greeted her warmly.

Comments on the Instagram post were filled with mixed emotions. Some people happily greeted her, and most people cried because of the wholesome content. One Instagram user commented, “Dude, put a warning on these videos! You’ve just ruined my mascara, again!” with crying emojis. Who wouldn’t be touched, right?

Just thinking of your pet being able to live for a long time already warms the heart. A lot of pet parents can relate to the happiness Reece Putinas felt on Queen’s birthday. Pet parents who follow Queen Lily’s Instagram ask about her diet in the comment section, and they want to know the secret to a cat’s long life. Some followers also shared how sad it was to lose a pet early or even during old age — they only wished Lily could still go on and stay as a queen for a long time.

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