Two-Legged Dog And ‘Jokester’ Shelter Cat Among 10 Finalists To Be The Next Cadbury Bunny

When you think of Easter what comes to mind?

For many, it is the highly anticipated Cadbury Bunny commercial.

For decades, people have watched and enjoyed the heartwarming clips that feature animals and those that were not bunnies, wore bunny ears. Cadbury now holds a contest each year and allows people to submit a photo, video, and explanation as to why their pet should be the next Cadbury Bunny.

After receiving thousands of entries, Cadbury recently announced the ten finalists. Among them are shelter pets, special needs animals, and animals of all shapes and sizes. The winner will be featured in this year’s Easter commercial and receive a check for $5,000. Meet the ten finalists below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite each day through March 18.

Lunchbox: Rescue Cat From Oklahoma Humane Society

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“This rescue cat ambassador and all-around jokester has stolen the hearts of locals with his ‘big’ personality. His favorite treat is a stolen bit of whatever you’re eating and he thinks nothing could be scarier than an empty bowl.”

Ricky Bobby: A 12-year-old miniature rescue horse from Florida

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“He knows he’s cute and he LOVES attention. If he’s not horsein’ around, he’s….who are we kidding, he’s always horsein’ around! With a personality as big as his, Ricky Bobby is ready to steal hearts and steal the show.”

Lieutenant Dan: Two-Legged Dog From Ohio

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“This big personality loves to show off and can’t help but make others smile and feel inspired whenever he’s around them. In his spare time, he loves to wrestle, run, hike, and swim. He unwinds after a long day with a classic treat – peanut butter!”

Ginger: Hamster and also the smallest of the Finalists

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“Adventurer by day, Ginger loves exploring her surroundings from the comfort of her exercise ball. She displays great acrobatic capabilities by “wowing” the crowd with climbing to the top of her cage and hanging upside down. She goes crazy over carrots and dried apples and loves to interact with people.”


Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“Eggbert is a delightful companion who inspires others with his ability to cope with his existing paresis. He loves to play with his homemade feather toy and, when given the chance, will dress-up in any seasonal costume and OWN it.”

Ducksong: A rescued pig from Florida

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“She loves crunching on carrots and spends her free time visiting schools and attending events. She’s friendly and loves to make others smile with a new costume and her signature ‘silly’ face.”

DONALD “DUCKY”: 10-year-old Pomeranian

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“When he’s not striking a pose and putting on a show, Donald ‘Ducky’ is strolling along on the dog beach or enjoying long walks through the park. He’s a strong little guy whose special skills include bringing smiles to everyone he meets.”

Dodger: Service Dog

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“This fun-loving service dog-in-training comes to us from Scottsdale, AZ where he’s been melting hearts with his sweet soul from a very young age. His pastimes include playing fetch and dock diving. If you shout ‘Tennis Ball!’, he’ll come running.”

Dilly Bar Dabbler: Diva Duck

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“She knows her way into anyone’s heart and has become quite the local ‘Celebriduck.’ She splits her free time between splashing around in kiddie pools and making mud puddles. She likes to unwind with her favorite treats: peas and dandelions, of course.”

Conswala: Whimsical and Quirky Llama

Photo: Facebook/Cadbury USA

“Born a wall-flower, Conswala has transformed into an attention-grabber, welcoming hundreds of visitors to meet her in-person at her farm. She enjoys spending pasture time with her best llama friends and visiting elderly in senior centers, where her demeanor helps others feel calm and joyful.”

If you don’t have just one favorite, that is ok. You can vote every day so you can split your votes how you like. Be sure to share this with your friends and family so they can participate in the fun. The winner will be announced at the end of March.

Good luck to all the adorable animals.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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