The 20 Most Dog-Friendly Cities of 2019

Dogs are not just pets, but members of the family. More and more people are making sure their potential homes and the surrounding areas are suitable for their best friends.

So which cities are the best?! Over 14,000 U.S. cities were examined to find the top 20 that cater to dogs.

Rover, a dog walking site, and Redfin, a real estate brokerage, compiled a list of the 20 most dog-friendly cities in the United States. They came up with the list by grading each city on highest counts of dog walks, distance and timing of each walk, most popular dog breed, and amount of homes for sale in the area that mention the word “dog”.

While the list may not be an accurate portrayal of all dogs in each area, it narrows down which cities and states many dog owners are settling in. California was the state with the most cities listed, a total of four out of the top 20. To round out the top three states, Texas was next with three cities followed by New York with two.

The 20 Most Dog-Friendly Cities are:

1. Seattle, WA
2. Chicago, IL
3. Denver, CO
4. Manhattan, NY
5. Washington, DC
6. Portland, OR
7. Los Angeles, CA
8. Brooklyn, NY
9. San Francisco, CA
10.San Diego, CA
11.Philadelphia, PA
12.Houston, TX
13.Austin, TX
14.Arlington, VA
15.Minneapolis, MN
16.Alexandria, VA
17.Dallas, TX
18.Atlanta, GA
19.San Jose, CA
20.Nashville, TN

“We recorded how often the keyword ‘dog’ appeared in the online listing descriptions of homes for sale, typically to note that a property was dog-friendly, close to dog parks, etc. We also included each dog-friendly city’s Walk Score®, to highlight how easy it is to treat your dog to his or her favorite activity,” said Rover.

While Seattle may have won the top spot, Manhattan and Brooklyn tied for highest Walk Score of 89. Atlanta had the highest percentage of homes listed with the word “dog”, so if you are looking to move you may want to check it out.

Labrador Retriever and Mixed breed were the most common dogs nationwide, but the Chihuahua was top dog in Los Angeles. With over 89 million dog parents in the U.S., more and more cities are starting to realize that offering dog-friendly restaurants and parks are vital to growth.

h/t Redfin

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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