2,000 Pets Adopted this Weekend. #Adoptiondays

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Just wanted to give our FamilyPet fans a small update on what happened this past weekend during the free  Maddie’s Adoption Days  event that happened across the country!

Although no exact numbers and stats were given out. At least 2,000 pets were adopted this past weekend which is absolutely incredible! Some shelters were almost empty this past Monday morning when the employees went in to the “eerie sound of nothing” which is highly unusual for a shelter. The love and joy that was spread this past weekend is just immense and just goes to prove that something CAN be done about all of the animals without a home.

Thank you to anyone who participated and thank you to Maddies Fund for coordinating the entire thing! What they have done is absolutely incredible. 2,000 pets with new homes. WOW.

If you’re looking to adopt don’t forget about our partnership with AdoptAPet. Just visit the “Rescue” section on our website and use the plugin to easily search for your “Pawfect” match!


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