Senior Dog With Cancer Was Found Alone In The Woods. The Reason He Was There? They Feared The Worst…

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Rocky, a 17-year-old Shepherd mix, ran away from his New Hampshire home during the Fourth of July weekend after he was frightened from fireworks. A logger, named Jake Higgins, spotted him in the Conway woods and alerted rescuers. Two volunteers from the Conway Area Humane Society arrived at the scene to hike deep into the woods to rescue the senior pup, who sadly had cancer. When they found Rocky, he was sitting on the ground as if he was waiting for help to arrive. They carried him and brought him to the shelter. He couldn’t walk well and seemed confused, but he was as sweet as could be.

The shelter posted a video of Rocky on Facebook, and within an hour, someone contacted them saying they knew the owner. Minutes later, the family was already at the shelter to pick up their beloved pooch, who they had been searching for for four days. They were so relieved to reunite with their furbaby, and also donated $100 to the shelter. “Our worst fear was that someone had purposely driven an old sick dog out to the middle of the woods to die, but the best case scenario prevailed,” Debra Cameron, operations manager at the shelter told WMUR. “This was a loved dog who had become frightened by the fireworks and lost.”

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