Couple Builds A Custom 13 Foot Bed So They Can Sleep With Their Seven Dogs

Anybody who has a dog in their life realizes that they want to be close to their human companions at all times. If you choose to share your bed with them at night, it also extends through that time as well.

One couple in Alabama who have seven dogs decided that enough was enough. They didn’t want to kick the dogs out of bed so they made a custom-built 13-foot bed so they could all sleep comfortably in the same space.

You can see it for yourself here:

Jennifer Taylor, 49 and Steve her husband, 60, didn’t want to sacrifice a good night’s sleep and they also didn’t want to make the dogs get out of bed. That is when they decided to extend their double bed to a much larger option.

It took a few days for the couple to complete the project. Jennifer and Steve, who have been married for some 24 years are thrilled with the results.

You might be wondering how they accomplished such a feat. They started by purchasing two king-size mattresses ($605) and two used doors for the headboard ($19). They painted the headboard so they would ‘look nice’.

They also purchased $320 worth of wood to build the bed. Jennifer admits that they kind of ‘winged the whole thing’ but it came out good in the end. They also added steps for the dogs, because ‘all seven of them only have little legs’.

Photo: Youtube / Caters News

Jennifer stays at home with the dogs full time and they consider the dogs to be ‘quite literally [their] babies’. They also foster dogs along with owning two French Bulldogs and five long-haired dachshunds.

She said:

“My whole house has basically become a dog shrine! It was way too many dogs to have in a normal-sized bed with you at once. With that in mind, Steve and I decided to build a huge 13-foot bed so both us and the dogs could sleep in it.

We wanted to make the foster dogs feel at home – as well as our owns pups of course – so built the bed so they could be super comfy and cozy with us.”

Photo: Youtube / Caters News

The 5 dachshunds are called Leyden, Robin, Sophie, Juno and Julia, and the two French Bulldogs are Brooklyn and Hemingway.

Dogs can be loving but sharing your bed with seven dogs, regardless of how big it is, takes a special kind of person.

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