11 Tips For Easier Housekeeping With Dogs

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Hair, hair, hair everywhere! Water drips. Wet nose prints on windows and doors. Chewed up things. And now with winter weather, muddy paw prints too! These things aren’t once in a while occurrences. They can happen every day! But there are ways to make life easier for you so you can have more time to enjoy your pets rather than just cleaning up after them. Here are 11 tips for easier housekeeping.

1. After each walk, I always wash my dogs’ feet. I keep a towel handy by the hose. A quick paw wash will not only help keep your floors clean, but it will also help minimize any licking of paws if your dog has allergies.

2. I also keep a brush near the paw wash station. After washing and drying my dogs’ paws, I give them a quick brushing. This not only helps minimize the hair shed in the house, but it will also help eliminate any foreign matters stuck on their fur. Plus, it makes your pooches’ coats look beautiful.

3. I keep baby wipes in every room for quick clean up of drool or eye goobers or spills and drips.

4. A spray/squirt bottle with water mixed with a little vinegar at a 3:1 ratio is great for cleaning up any little messes. It also works as a discipline squirt!  Vinegar is non-toxic. It sanitizes, and neutralizes urine odors. If you’re using it to discipline, try not to squirt on their eyes! Vinegar is acidic and it will hurt their eyes. Vinegar does smell but the smell of vinegar will dissipate unlike urine, which does not go away. Unless you neutralize it, your pet might want to urinate in the same spot again.

5. Vinegar is also great for neutralizing odors in laundry. I keep throws and light blankets on all my furniture because I allow my dogs to sit with me. When we have company, we can quickly gather up all the covers and not worry about hair on the furniture. You can just throw the covers in the laundry with a little vinegar and have nice clean smelling covers for next time.

6. Bathing my dogs every two weeks also helps to keep the house cleaner. I don’t want my house to smell doggie. By keeping them clean, my house stays cleaner. It’s worth spending the time bathing them. There is nothing like cuddling up to a nice clean doggie.

7. I love my Swiffer! I vacuum almost every day but for quick, in between hair pick-ups, the Swiffer has been one of the greatest inventions ever!  Investing in a Roomba cleaning robot or a similar product will also reduce the amount of hair floating around.

8. Lint roller tape products are also very handy for quick clean ups of your furniture and clothes.

9. Stock up on paper towels and save the grocery store plastic bags. When your dog has an accident, like diarrhea or vomit, get your handy vinegar water bottle, your paper towels and plastic bag to throw away the soiled papers.

10. The super handy vinegar water is also great for cleaning glass so wipe the nose prints and drool spots from your glass doors and windows.

11. I also like to keep a spray bottle of diluted Lysol to disinfect anything that needs disinfecting.

I’m sure I’m missing some more great tips here, so if you have any, please share! Although I have a plaque that says “The Dog and its Housekeeper Live Here,” I don’t think it’s that terrible. I actually appreciate being able to do all this. What’s life without our pets! As the saying goes: “A Dog Makes a House a Home.” Now go enjoy your pups!

Elena Flyer is a Californian owner and lover of animals: horses, dogs, birds – you name it! She is actively involved in the community whether through therapeutic dog visits to healthcare facilities, or volunteering at Labrador Rescuers.

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