More Than 100 Dogs Have Been Saved From Unlivable Conditions

A Colorado home was the site where more than 100 dogs and puppies were recently rescued from what was called “unimaginable conditions.”

A number of County agencies, including the Costilla County Sheriff’s office worked with some animal welfare organizations to rescue those animals near Mesita, Colorado. It happened inside of a home on June 16 after a search warrant was executed on the property, according to a report from Fox 21 news.

The Sheriff’s office made a statement in a press release that reveals that two puppies were found dead on the property.

An animal welfare group also made a post on Facebook. Dumb Friends League claims that 102 animals were saved during this effort. They are now being cared for by 8 different animal rescue groups in Colorado.

“The Dumb Friends League and seven other welfare animal organizations across the state recently responded to a tragic scene. 102 dogs and puppies were suffering in unimaginable conditions,” they shared. “They were sick, unsocialized, and kept in filthy metal cages in the hot sun.”

“The League took in 46 of the unhealthiest dogs, many will require medical assistance, foster care, and behavior support before they can find their forever families,” their post continued. “Thankfully, these dogs and puppies were rescued and you can help give them the happy lives they deserve.”

Along with giving the news about these animals, they also asked people to donate in order to provide assistance. They said that any donations will go toward caring for the animals directly.

According to what the league wrote, the animals are in need of our support and they need help to ensure that the dogs get on the right path to leading a good life.

Investigations are currently underway by the Costilla County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado Humane Society who are looking into this matter together.

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