After 10 Years, This Pit Bull Finally Found Her Furever Home…And Celebrated With An EPIC Party!

After ten years, a Pit bull, named Brandi, is finally on her way to her furever home! She has spent her years at the Villalobos Rescue Center in New Orleans, and the staff there decided to throw her a going away party to celebrate her adoption! Brandi is such a happy and friendly dog which is easy to tell from the video.

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Tia Torres, the founder of the rescue center, said that Brandi is “the sweetest thing to have ever walked the planet.” She is Torres’ favorite, but has been overlooked so many times by so many people. At one point, she was very close to being adopted, but it didn’t work out. After that, Torres promised she wouldn’t let Brandi down. She decided to start a “Team Brandi” campaign and went on the Pit Bull and Parolees tour with them. Torres said she wouldn’t stop until she finally gets the home that she deserves. Well, she has finally found that home. You can tell how loved Brandi was at the rescue center from all of the staff’s emotional reactions in the video. Watch her going away party below:

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