These Respectful Dogs Are Waiting To Get Their Part Of The Feast. Just Wait Until Their Human Gives Them The GO!

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Thanksgiving is almost here!! We’ve spent weeks looking forward to that delicious meal, the perfectly prepared turkey, hours of can’t-miss football games, reunions with family members, and, of course, the inevitable post-Thanksgiving meal nap. However, did you know that Thanksgiving is pretty much THE holiday for dogs??

For starters, the adorable canines love watching TV as much as their human owners, so they can’t wait to catch all the best games on the big day. They always greet you with the best reaction, no matter how long it’s been since they last saw you. They are ready and able to clean up all the Thanksgiving dishes. And they are more than happy to lend a paw (or a tongue!) to the Thanksgiving cooking preparation! So make sure to invite your favorite four-legged friend to your Thanksgiving celebration and appreciate all the things they bring to the table on this special day!!

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