10 reasons to be thankful for your pup this Thanksgiving

10.  Your dog will never ask you for money; just a snack and a belly rub once in a while.
9.  You never have to impress your dog. No makeup, bad hair? Your dog won’t even wrinkle his nose.
8.  Your dog is always up for anything you are, from a long walk in the park to a lazy afternoon on the couch.
7.  Dogs don’t talk back or offer unwanted advice…
6.  …but they are excellent listeners.
5.  Your pup is always excited to see you, even if you were only gone for five minutes.
4.  He may be a little stinky, but he’s always up for a good cuddle session, and he always knows when you’re sad.
3.  Your dog will always clean up after you if you spill some food on the floor.
2.  No matter how many mistakes you make, your dog thinks you’re the greatest.
And finally…
1.  A cold wet nose is the best way to wake up in the morning.

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