Ten Reasons to Adopt an Adult Dog

When looking for a new pet, adoption is encouraged as a means of preventing unnecessary euthanasia of thousands of shelter animals daily, especially adult dogs. While it is common for people to automatically want an adorable little puppy, there are many reasons to consider a mature dog, as well.

old dog 2

1. There are more adult dogs in shelters than puppies.

Shelters and rescues have an abundance of adult dogs needing homes, with numbers far surpassing the number of puppies. These adult dogs have either lived on the streets alone, dealt with a family who neglected them, or were surrendered by the only family they knew. They are mature enough to understand they are in a sorrowful place, and they become stressed, depressed and afraid. It’s very difficult for them to accept the chaos and the loss of freedom and family. They also, somehow, know their last walk and moments before euthanasia. By adopting an adult dog, you will save them from this emotional torture.

2. Adult dogs are euthanized more often than puppies

Many people tend to migrate toward puppies when adopting a dog, overlooking the adults. Sadly, adult dogs are euthanized more as a result, and many live their lives never knowing love, or they’ve lost it and then euthanized as a result, or suffer they from abuse only to get away from it to be destroyed. Finding someone to love and who loves them in return is a blessing.

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3. Adults are past the puppy antics

When you adopt an adult dog you are already past the puppy behaviors like excess chewing, as well as illnesses that affect mainly puppies, such as Parvovirus.

4. Adults are often already trained

Adult dogs are generally trained or almost trained. They also learn new commands and rules more quickly because they are more mature.

old dog training

5. Adult dogs are easier to potty train

Adult dogs will understand the potty training regime quicker and respond faster due to their maturity level.

6. They understand that you saved them

Adult dogs are very intelligent and understand that they have escaped a frightening and potentially deadly place. They know when they have been “freed from jail” and will show their thanks with affection, expressions and more.

7. They get a second chance and a life they’ve never experienced

When you adopt an adult dog, you provide them with a life they never knew existed. Coming from abusive or neglectful situations, living life on the street, or from some sort of abandonment, few have experienced true love and devotion. Many have never slept on something soft or had a full meal. By adopting an adult dog you give them the pleasures that will lift their spirits and provide them with joy and good health.

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8. Adult dogs appreciate the love of a new parent/family.

Realizing they are a part of a committed and loving family inspires feelings of tremendous appreciation and devotion within the dog. As a result, a strong bond is established between the dog and adopter.

9. You save a life.

You literally prevent death and renew life.

10. It feels good.

From the moment you put the leash on your new furry friend to the day you walk them to the rainbow bridge, you will feel enriched, happy and loved. It’s a feeling that is difficult to describe to someone who has never experienced such emotion, but it is life changing.

old dog with owner

So when you’re looking for your new companion, don’t just walk to the puppy aisle. Look at all ages, spend some time with them, and consider adopting an adult dog. You will never regret your choice, and without doubt your new dog will think it was the best decision ever.

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