10 Fallen Police Officers, 10 Puppies. The Correlation? TEARS.

Tracey, McMenamy is a dog lover, a foster parent for a rescue organization, but above all, she is the wife of a cop. Nationwide, 30 cops have been killed in the line of duty this year. McMenamy wanted to come up with a way to honor those officers, so she decided to tie it in with her pups.

Her latest rescue dog for ‘Operation Paws for Homes’ just gave birth to a big litter, so she decided to name each puppy after a fallen officer. Among those names were the five officers who were killed in Maryland, Virginia and DC: Leotta, Guindon, Colson, Dailey, and Logsdon. Sadly, the litter of ten is not big enough. One of the puppies, Leotta, has already found her furever home with the officer’s family! Officer Guindon’s aunt will be adopting the puppy named after her niece. And in addition, Officer Colson’s parents will also be adopting the pup named after their son!

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