These 10 Orphan Puppies Lost Their Mom…But You’ll Never Believe The Ending!

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A stray mother dog gave birth to eleven puppies, but for unknown reasons sadly passed away, as did one of her pups. That left ten orphaned puppies in need of a home. Doggie Protective Services (DPS) took them in to care for them. They gave them love, milk, and bathed them. They all drank milk together out of a plastic tub, since they didn’t have their mother to drink from. Then they all took a bath at the same time in the real tub.

It’s all just too much cuteness to handle! Their adorable few-week-old faces are to die for, and their little squeals and cries tickle my heart. If DPS saving their lives wasn’t enough, they were also able to find all ten of these puppies their furever homes. This part of the video will put a HUGE smile on your face. It shows each puppy when they were four weeks old on the left side, compared to them at ten weeks old with their new families!

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