He Was In Such Bad Shape, They Called Him “Train-Wreck Cat,” But Look At Him Now!

This cute kitty, named Orren, was rescued along with more than 150 animals from a Chatham County, North Carolina property by the HSUS Animal Rescue Team. The conditions they had been living in were horrible, and many of them had a plethora of health problems.

Orren could barely breathe when he was found, yet was still so friendly and affectionate. He was brought to Safe Haven for Cats to start his journey back to health. They referred to Orren as “train-wreck cat” because of how bad his condition was. He had a messed up ear, a chronic upper respiratory condition, ringworm, chronic eye and nose drainage, severe arthritis, and malformation in his back legs.

Orren had never made it to the adoption floor because one of Safe Haven’s adoption counselors fell in love with him and knew she had to adopt him right away. He had been through so much in his life, but now he will always feel love and be well taken care of!

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