She Was Rescued And Terrified. When She Got Her Puppies Back Though, Everything Changed!

A terrified dog was surrendered to the Marin Humane Society in California. An exam showed that she had recently given birth. Since the puppies still needed their mama, the shelter reached out to the former owner and convinced them to surrender the puppies as well. In the video below, you can watch the heartwarming reunion of the mama dog with her babies.

She was so terrified that she wouldn't come out from hiding in the corner of her kennel. It was heartbreaking to see. Especially since her former owner just dropped her off at the shelter and didn’t even want her anymore. But after one of the shelter workers held out her puppies, the mama dog slowly came out from hiding and came to see her pups. Their reunion will melt your heart! I’m so glad that she and her pups are together again.

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