He Didn’t Understand That They Were There To Help, So He Buried His Head In Fear…

This stray dog was found roaming the streets, and wasn’t in the best of shape, so Hope For Paws knew they had to help. HFP is a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues dogs and other animals who are suffering on the streets and in shelters. Two members tried to get the dog, but he kept running away. They sealed holes in the fences around him and got a soccer net to try to corner him, but it was unsuccessful. Finally they were able to trap him, but he was visibly frightened.

They named him Einstein, and once he realized that they weren’t there to help him, he became more loving. He had hundreds of foxtails embedded in his skin, some which they removed by hand, and others that had to be surgically removed. They groomed and bathed him and his recovery process began. During that time, he was filmed for television with the one and only Betty White!

Two months later, Einstein found his furever home! His transformation is incredible and I’m so glad that HFP saved this little guy’s life! You can keep up with Einstein on his Facebook page.

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