When They First Approached Her, She Was Shaking Nonstop, But With Trust Came Something Amazing

This stray Pit bull, named Eden, had been living on the streets alone for quite some time. She was terrified and wouldn’t let anyone near her, but volunteers from Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization, had been feeding her for weeks. But they knew it was finally time to rescue this poor pup. They came to the area to search for her but it was cold and raining.

They finally found Eden and tried to block her in a garage using a soccer net but Eden saw them and went to bolt out of there. They still managed to get her with their snare, but she still wouldn’t come near anyone. She freaked out and was shaking uncontrollably, terrified out of her mind. After quietly sitting near her for a while, they were finally able to gain her trust. Once they got her in the crate, she began to calm down. And at the hospital, she seemed like a whole new dog! Once she knew they were there to help her and not hurt her, she let her true colors show and was the sweetest dog ever! She is now living with a foster, waiting to find her furever home!

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