Samo And 7 of His Siblings Were Adopted. 4 Years Later, Something Totally Amazing Happened!

Laura Lane and her husband adopted Samo from the Animal Haven Shelter in Soho, New York, four years ago. At the shelter, Samo was there with her eight siblings, all of whom got adopted. They called their litter “The Addams Family,” and each of them had names from the show; Samo was originally called Pubert. Samo has not seen any of her siblings since before she was adopted when she was eight weeks old.

Lane organized a reunion with her and her siblings at Happy Paws in NYC. Half of them were able to make it and their humans spent time sharing stories about them, what they liked and disliked, etc. Watch Samo see some of her siblings for the first time in four years! She was able to meet Hunter (formerly Uncle Fester), PJ (formerly The Thing), and Oreo (formerly Gomez). They all played together and got along great. It’s like they knew they were siblings!

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