She Was Going To Be Slaughtered For Meat. But Her Entire Life Changed When She Met This College Student…

This adorable little piglet, named Lexi, was born on a small farm in New Jersey that raises pigs and other animals for meat for farm-to-table restaurants. This was Lexi’s fate and her sole purpose for living, until a college student, named Matthew, saved her life!


Matthew worked at the farm while studying culinary at school to learn about animal rearing and slaughter. But instead of using his findings to perfect his culinary career, he used it to save animals. The things he learned traumatized him and he knew he had to do something about it.

Lexi piglet arrival - Matthew

Lexi piglet arrival – Matthew

When he found out the farmer was selling a litter of piglets, he asked him if he could keep the runt of the litter for himself. The farmer agreed, and that is where Lexi the piglet’s journey began!


Lexi is currently living at Woodstock Sanctuary’s Animal Treatment Center and gets round the clock care. Since she doesn’t have her mother, they take turns bottle-feeding her. Even though she is in the treatment center, she still gets to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. She has a blast and loves to play and run around! Watch her be free in the video below:

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