She Rescued This Dog From A Quarry, One Day Later, She Never Expected To Find THIS.

Someone called up Ingrid Hurel, an animal rescuer and adoption coordinator at Pacific Coast Dog Rescue and told her about dogs that were abandoned or were strays in a large quarry in Los Angeles, California. She immediately went to the scene and set up many traps around the quarry. She eventually heard the sound of little puppies. She soon discovered that it was a mama dog and her pups.

The mom, who was emaciated and injured, was the first to go in the trap. A day later, she found the pups. They were three weeks old and very dehydrated without their mom’s milk. Unfortunately, only three of the five pups survived. Thankfully, the three that survived were nursed back to health and all found furever homes! The mama dog, who was terrified of humans, has warmed up to people and is now much more sociable. Since then, the mama dog’s own mom and also her sister have been rescued from the quarry!

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