This Rescued Chimpanzee Met Her New Friends For The First Time. Watch What They Do!

Save The Chimps, the largest sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees in the world, welcomed a new member to their group. Lisa Marie has arrived at the shelter and met her new friends for the first time. The chimps that she met, named Jaybee, Kiley, and Ariel, embraced Lisa Marie with smiles, laughter, and lots of love.

First Lisa Marie met Kiley and it was all about having fun. The two played together and hit it off right away. Then she met Jaybee, which initially began as a grooming session. Finally, Lisa Marie met Ariel, and it was love at first sight! The two immediately gave each other a big hug and it melted my heart! Watch their interactions in the video below:

Here is a little background about where she came from and her rescue:

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