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A Rescue Puppy Picked Out His Own Kitten At A Shelter. One Year Later, Look At Them Now!

Christina adopted a two-month-old Tamaskan puppy from a shelter in July 2015 and named her Raven. One month later, Christina brought Raven to their local animal shelter in Lubbock, Texas, to adopt a kitten.

Raven met several different kittens, but fell in love with only one: an eight-to-ten-week-old kitty named Woodhouse. They bonded instantly, but Christina had no idea how close the two would grow up to be.

They drank from the same water bowl…

They cuddled together…

And even use each other as pillows…

As time passed, the two of them grew larger, but their friendship only grew stronger. Nothing has changed except for their size, and the two are just as snuggly as they were when they were just a pup and kitten!

Over a year later, these two are still the best of friends. Seeing them together melts my heart to soup! You can follow along on their paw-dorable journey on their Instagram page!

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