She Brought Home A Rescued Kitten. When The Kitten Met The Family Pit Bull, They Never Expected THIS

Sharra Platt found a four-week-old kitten all alone on the side of the road near a freeway ramp in Los Angeles. The kitten was extremely tiny and was initially noticed by a woman and her daughter who were standing on the sidewalk looking at the kitten. Platt pulled over and walked up to them and the kitten. The woman and her daughter had looked around for a mother cat, but she was nowhere in sight.


Platt wanted to give the kitten a furever home, but wasn’t sure how her pets would feel about her. Platt has a cat named Lucky, a Pomeranian named Kasey, and a Pit bull named Roxy.

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She named the kitten Crenshaw after the road she found her near. At first, she kept Crenshaw in a carrier in the spare bedroom so her other pets wouldn’t feel threatened by her and vice versa. But this wasn’t the case for Roxy.

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When Platt brought Crenshaw in, Roxy was the first one to greet her. To Platt’s surprise, Roxy fell in love with the kitten, and the kitten fell in love with her, too! Roxy, too, was rescued as a stray off the streets of Los Angeles. She was so petrified while at the vet after her rescue that she wouldn’t walk for five days. Roxy came a long way since those days, and now it’s her turn to make sure Crenshaw doesn’t ever feel the way Roxy did.

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“Roxy took to her right away and was licking her and giving her a bath from day one,” Platt told The Dodo. “Roxy nudges her with her nose and licks her, like a mama dog with puppies. Crenshaw likes it, but it can become a bit much, in which case she gives a cry and walks away. She keeps going back though. Crenshaw just wants to curl up next to Roxy or crawl on her. The bath is part of the deal.”

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Aside from giving baths, Roxy also loves to give Crenshaw lots of cuddles. Crenshaw crawls up on top of Roxy for a catnap, and enjoys the warmth of her fur. When she isn’t cuddling on Roxy, she’s snuggling up in her dog bed.

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Crenshaw has also warmed up to the other pets in the house. Crenshaw and the other cat, Lucky, spend a little time together, and Lucky gives her some licks and lets Crenshaw play with his tail.

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Kasey the Pomeranian also loves to play with Crenshaw, and enjoys snuggling as well. Platt had no idea how her pets would get along with their new little kitty sister, but the outcome was clearly a great one!

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“I think Roxy likes having a little one to be ‘mama’ to,” Platt told The Dodo. “She’s doing a great job and loves it. Just yesterday Crenshaw tried to jump on something and was struggling to get up and Roxy ran over to her. You could tell Roxy was concerned about her struggling.”

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Platt believes Roxy would act this way toward any young animal they brought in. She is a very loving and gentle dog who just loves taking care of other animals. “She already knows Crenshaw’s name so if we say, ‘Where’s Crenshaw,’ or, ‘Where’s your baby,’ she gets excited,” Platt said.

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Watch Roxy and Crenshaw together in the video below:

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