Senior Boxer Who Was Rescued From Abuse Has Now Rescued Animals Of Her Own

Gina, a mix breed Boxer, was rescued as a stray years ago in Athens, Greece. Her previous owner had her chained up in his yard 24/7 and would abuse her daily. While in his possession, she gave birth to a litter of puppies during the winter, and sadly, they drowned in the mud. The neighbors called police to complain about this horrible situation, as they heard Gina crying outside every night. It took three years, but finally the authorities removed Gina from her abuser’s care.

Gina was then adopted by a woman named Mary, when she was three years old. Today, Gina is a happy and healthy 11-year-old pup, who is now a rescuer herself. When she was out for a walk, she discovered Lucy, a mother cat, abandoned next to a garbage bin, along with four of her kittens. She kept pulling Mary toward them until she noticed them too. They took Lucky and the kittens home, and Gina has been such a great babysitter! Watch Gina with the kitties in the video below:

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