This Puppy Was Blind, Sick And Malnourished. This Time, Not Only Did They Heal His Body, They Healed His SOUL

A vet from Vet Ranch received a text about a puppy at a shelter who was scheduled to be euthanized. The pup, named Rem, was malnourished, had horrible mange, a staph infection, was anemic, and was suspected to be blind. The shelter was treating him with medicine, and the vet believed that maybe his blindness was a temporary result of toxicity from the treatment.

So he got to work on trying to get this pup healthy again. He gave him medication and then gave him a bath. Luckily, two days later his eyesight started to come back, which means it was from the toxicity. He couldn’t see that well, but even a little bit was a huge improvement. 11 days later, his vision came back completely! He even seemed happier and more trusting. The end of the video shows an awesome time-lapse of Rem’s progress. He looked like a completely different dog! Thank God Vet Ranch saved this little pup from death so that he could have a second chance at life!

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