He Spent Half His Life In A Shelter. When He Finds Out He’s Been Adopted, His Reaction Is Priceless

Dreadlock is nearly ten years old and has spent the last four years of his life at a shelter called The Soi Dog Foundation. He arrived at the shelter with horrible skin problems, as well as a dirty, matted coat, which is how he got his name.

Since Dreadlock is an older dog, he’s very down to Earth and doesn’t get excited about much. But when staff told him he was getting adopted, he bounced off the walls with joy. Of course he can’t actually understand English…or can he? Maybe dogs just have a good sense of when something good is happening. Either way, it’s so heart-warming to see how happy Dreadlock is, and to know that after all these years of waiting, he will soon be going to his forever home in the U.K.

The Soi Dog Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps abused and neglected cats and dogs in Thailand.

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