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This Young Woman Has Gone Through Life Without Talking. But When She Meets These Kittens, WOW!

This young woman named Jordan was diagnosed with autism and has gone through life without barely saying a word.

She had started attending Mychal’s Learning Place, which is a non-profit program that provides services for developmentally disabled students. They teach them how to cook, clean, do laundry, how to take the bus, and use the computer.

Although this program was very helpful for Jordan, there was something that was still missing in her life, as she was still extremely quiet.

Mychal’s then partnered with Adopt & Shop in Culver City, CA, and this was the answer they’ve been waiting for.

Jordan has a love for black cats, so she began working with them and it has helped her open up and even talk! Her eyes light up, she smiles and laughs, and says, “kitty kitty kitty.”

Watch their beautiful interactions in the video below:

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