Found As A Stray And Covered In Mites, Her Fate Looked Grim. But Now, She Has A New Beginning!

This adorable little puppy, named Sable, is thought to be around five months old and was brought to Vet Ranch as a stray. She was extremely terrified and was missing a lot of hair on her face, legs, and all over her body. She was covered in scales and scabs and had a bacterial infection.

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The vets at Vet Ranch did a skin scraping so that they could take a closer look under the microscope. It turns out that it was demodectic mange, which are little mites that burrow in the skin. She was covered in thousands to millions of them, which was making her feel very itchy and uncomfortable.

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They began to treat her immediately, bathed her, spayed her, and then sent her to live with a foster while she was recovering. A few weeks later, she was looking much healthier as all her hair started to grow back in. She is now on her way to being adopted!

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Watch Sable's journey in the video below:

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