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He Was Trapped In A Canal After Being Thrown 30 Feet. What Happens Next Is A MIRACLE.

A poor little dog was trapped in the L.A. river when members of L.A. on Cloud 9 spotted him. L.A. on Cloud 9 is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the homeless and animals in need. Someone told them that they saw the dog get attacked and then thrown 30 feet down into the canal. They notified Hope For Paws who then came to rescue him. When you see him, your heart will melt. He’s the most adorable little dog and it’s absolutely heart-breaking to see him alone, trapped in the canal in such bad shape. When they pet him he begins to cry; he’s very afraid and in so much pain.

They lift him up and place him in a crate, which they pull up out of the canal. You can see that someone even cut off his foot. On the way to the hospital, he received the name of Jordan. Jordan had severe mange and bacterial infections, and of course lacked proper nutrients. He was bathed and treated and once he was strong enough he received surgery to take care of his missing leg. A few days later, Jordan was already running around! He went to live with his new foster mom, Lisa Chiarelli. He even made new doggy friends there! Not only was he running around, but he also went swimming! Thank God for L.A. on Cloud 9 and Hope For Paws for rescuing him and saving his life!

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