This Pup Visits Her New Furever Home For The First Time. They Weren’t Expecting Her To Cozy In So Quickly!

It’s always sad to see so many dogs at shelters, being passed up daily, seeming as if they’ll never be adopted. I would adopt every single one if I could! But it’s always so heartwarming to hear about all of the happy endings that these pups get when they finally do find their furever homes. Just like this shelter dog’s reaction to being adopted, and how it warmed hearts everywhere!

Smack, a Pit bull, had a furever home lined up, but unfortunately that adoption fell through. Thankfully, she is now getting a second chance! The team over at Villalobos Rescue Center brought Smack to her new home to meet her new human, Boris, and to check out her new house. It’s safe to say that she was ecstatic and absolutely loved it! The best part is when she starts rolling around in the grass. She looks so happy! When she went inside, she checked out all of the rooms, while wagging her tail a mile a minute. Then she played with her new toys, and you can tell that she felt very comfortable there. I am so happy that Smack got a second chance!

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