Used For Breeding, She Hasn’t Seen Daylight In 8 Years. Now, She’s Learning To Be A Dog Again

This poor Pit bull, named Lexy, spent the first eight years of her life at a backyard breeder. Her sole purpose was to reproduce, and she gave birth to many litters of puppies, leaving her stomach swollen and stretched. The worst part? She wasn’t allowed outside.

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Eventually she ended up at British Columbia SPCA, and spent months at the shelter, waiting for her furever home. As the days passed, and the people walked by her cage without noticing her, they began to think that Lexy would never get adopted. Until one day, one person applied to adopt her, and that person would be the one to finally take her home.

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“Where others who walked by her cage saw a senior dog, a pit bull type dog, and a dog with a distended belly from over breeding, I saw simply a dog who needed love,” Jenna Mackay, Lexy’s new mom, told The Dodo.

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When Lexy first got to her new home, she was nervous and had many emotional issues which stemmed from her life of breeding and being locked up inside. But if there was one thing Lexy knew how to do, it was to love.

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Mackay hired a trainer to help Lexy learn how to be a normal dog again, to walk on a leash, and to learn what the world was like outside of a house. She wasn’t used to the luxuries of normal pet dogs – dog beds, love and attention, and she was even afraid of the fireplace. But eventually, she learned to love all of these things.

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She loved to play with new toys, run on the beach, and go for swims. Lexy may be ten years old, but she acts like a puppy. Now she will get to live the rest of her life like a real dog should! “We can all learn much about who we should be from a rescue dog,” Mackay said.

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