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Helping the Pets of the Homeless

It’s a common sight in many cities; homeless people with dogs or cats by their sides, braving the world together. Many people scoff, feeling that the homeless shouldn’t be keeping pets while in such a vulnerable and precarious situation. But they miss the many benefits that having pets bring to those experiencing homelessness, and the valid reasons they have for choosing to have an animal companion.

Pets offer unconditional love and loyalty in a tough world, bringing normalcy, improved mental health, protection, and comfort to a dangerous and unpredictable situation. Most homeless shelters do not allow animals, leaving those who have pets no choice but to sleep outdoors. These owners may have had these pets before they became homeless, and to give them up would be yet another devastating blow.

Pets of the Homeless is an organization that brings food to homeless pets, and helps to obtain veterinary care. Watch the video below to see why the homeless deserve to have pets, and how you can help them and their animals.

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Want to learn more about how to help the pets of those living in poverty? Click here to learn how Meals on Wheels is feeding furry friends!

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